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R&D for Semiconductor

DNF R&D center has been working on development of core materials for semiconductor to meet the needs of customer and industry since 2003. We have done several joint research and development projects with chip-makers, equipment companies, and university laboratories successfully. Those achievements and products by continuous and steady R&D efforts helped global semiconductor industry to develop, and it was the way we could make your life better.

DNF R&D Roadmap (Developed, Developing)

Wire Alpis-3 MABOC (Ep-Cu Seed) CVD/ALD Cu Precursor
Electrode TiCl4 / TEMAT / TDMAT / Ru Precursor
High-k TEMAHf / TEMAZr Zr Precursor STO/BST/Zr Precursor
Low-k   Low-k (CVD) Precursor
Gap-Fill Polysilazane Flowable Oxide Precursor
Diffusion Barrier TiCl4 TDMATi / Ta Precursor Ru Precursor
Etch Hardmask SiN 1-Hexene/Propylene (ACL) SOC Precursor
Low Temp. Silicon (DPT)   DIPAS ALD SiO2
New Memory Ge / Sb / Te / Fe / Co / Ni Precursor
Gate Metal (CVD) Ni / Co / W Precursor ALD Metal
TSV ALD SiO2 / Ti Precursor / Ta Precursor / CVD Cu
  50nm 40nm 30nm 20nm 10nm~

* CVD : Chemical Vapor Deposition * ALD : Atomic Layer Deposition * Ep : Electroplating * SOC : Spin on Carbon
* ACL : Amorphous Carbon Layer * DPT : Double Patterning Technology * TSV : Through Silicon Via

R&D for Display

People are getting interested in smartphone and tablet PC, it will be much bigger when they are flexible. DNF R&D center is also interested in how to make the panel unbreakable or flexible and how to protect the OLED layer inside panel against oxygen and moisture.

R&D for Display

R&D for Nano Tech.

We have much research and development experience in nano-based products like semiconductor precursors and display materials. From the experience we are working on other industry materials such as functional coatings, monodisperse nanoparticles, and rare metal catalyst. You will see our products inside building materials, home appliances, automobiles, etc., in a few years.