CEO Message

DNF will do its best to become a world-class company
in the field of electronic materials.

CEO of DNF,Jae Ho Sin

Thank you very much for visiting DNF website.

Our company, since started as DNF Solution in 2001, has led the localization of semiconductor materials in sync with the development of the Korean semiconductor industry.
Now, we have grow to the best and true specialist for electronic materials for semiconductors in Korea.

This is because our technological power has been recognized by global customers by focusing on technological innovation through continuous R&D investment. Recently, based on such success, we are leading the development of next-generation materials, which are core materials for the development of the semiconductor and display industries.

With the unique technologies and stable production capacity accumulated over the years, our company has built the foundation for leaping forward a world-class company in the field of electronic materials.

All executives and staff are striving to become a beloved company that works for shareholders and communities, protects the earth and the natural environment based on ESG management that emphasizes corporate social value.

We will further become a exemplary company that increases the financial value and create social values continuously through social contribution activities.

Please kindly support and expect DNF to grow into a transparent and exemplary company that everyone can be proud of. We will not forget your love and interest extended to us.

Thank you.