The semiconductor industry is the one in which process miniaturization is emerging as a major issue. Accordingly,
DNF is concentrating on the development of next-generation core materials that can be optimal solutions for the development of the semiconductor industry.

R&D items

  • Precursor for DPT
  • Silicon and boron precursors for low-k and ultra-low-k films
  • Precursor for low-temperature gap-fill (flowable oxide) insulating film
  • Versatile SiO₂, SiN, SiOC(X), SiCN precursor capable of ALD/CVD process
  • High-k precursors for metal gates
  • High-k precursors for capacitors
  • Precursor for Area Selective Deposition
  • Precursors for wiring materials
  • GST precursor for PRAM