ESH Management

We will become a company that puts the environment and safety first.


We will take the lead in customer satisfaction by increasing the efficiency of the environmental safety system, and fulfill our social responsibilities and roles as a company that puts environment, safety and health management first.

Environment, Safety and Health (EHS) Policy

DNF pursues a safe and healthy life by creating a safe and pleasant working environment for all executives and employees, providing value and pleasure to customers, in accordance with the management principle that emphasizes environment, safety and health. To this end, we resolve and act as follows.

  1. The company reduces risks by eliminating risk factors through investment in environment, safety and health and operational improvement. In addition, we provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health disorders, while minimizing the impact of our business activities on the environment, safety and health by efficiently using and promoting resources.
  2. The company provides opportunities for participation and consultation to all employees, provides training, and discloses policies and management performance to stakeholders so that they can understand and continuously improve the environment, safety and health management system.
  3. The company establishes and faithfully implements internal management standards that satisfy domestic and foreign laws and other requirements related to environment, safety, and health.
  4. Our executives and employees seek continuous improvement by setting and implementing environmental, safety and health goals by evaluating their impact on the environment, safety and health in advance.

All executives and employees and stakeholders comply with our environmental, safety and health policies published internally and externally, and actively participate in and practice environmental, safety and health management activities.

CEO of DNF,Jae Ho Shin