Employment Process

The core value of DNF is human resources.

We are waiting for talented people who will realize our dreams and share the future together with DNF.

입사지원 아이콘 Job application
서류전형 아이콘 Document screening
면접전형 아이콘 Interview

* Written test and
PT depending on the field of application

최종합격 아이콘 Final pass
Recruitment period

Recruitment proceeds from time to time when a reason for hiring occurs (refer to the employment notice)

Document receipt

Download the [Application Form] below and apply via email

  • pskim@dnfsolution.com
  • Download the job application form

※ Contact: Administrative Support Team, HR Manager +82-42-932-7939 (ext. 123)

Announcement of
successful candidates

The successful applicants for document screening and interview screening will be notified individually.

Documents to be
submitted for
successful applicants

Resident registration copy, transcript, graduation certificate, career certificate, various certificates
※ Documents submitted/submitted on the day of employment are non-refundable