DNF Advanced Materials

R&D and manufacturer for functional coating materials that can be applied to color photovoltaic, display, automobile, building/industry, etc.

Company profile and overview

회사정보 및 개요의 설립연도, 주요사업, 주소, 전화번호, 홈페이지의 항목에 관한 표입니다.
2022. 1. 1
Main business
Functional Coating Materials
KRW 3 Billion
190 Daejeon-ro 1331beon-gil Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
About Us

PHPS material

  • PHPS : Perhydropolysilazne
  • Inorganic polymer of Si-N compound without any carbon
  • Polysilazane cured by reaction with water and oxygen
PHPS Advantages
  • Adhesion
  • Easy to clean
  • Thin film structure
  • Various Application


AG@AR Coating
  • Features
    • Forms concavo-convex structures on the substrate by spray coating process
    • Anti-reflective effect using hollow silica
    • Adjustability of haze(1~5%) and facet reflectivity (1~2%)
    • 3D Glass applicable
    • Higher productivity than CVD process
  • Applications
    • Display : Tablet, Mobile, Laptop
    • Automotive : CID Glass, RSE, Cluster
    • ETC : Digital Signage, Touch Screen, Kiosk
Hard Coating
  • Features
    • Applicable on flexible substrates
      (Glass, Film)
    • Forms SiO2 layer by UV curing
    • Excellent Resistance & hardness(9H)
  • Applications
    • Display : TV, Touch Panel, Mobile, Flexible Display, Film etc.
    • Electronic Appliances protection film
Water Repellent Coating
  • Features
    • Organic and Inorganic hybrid type coating solution based on Polysilazane
    • Si-O structure forms a chemical bonding with hydrophobic functional group
    • Excellent water repellency
      (Contact angle 110°)
  • Applications
    • Automotive Exterior Protection Coating (Surface, Glass, Wheel)
Color Coating
  • Features
    • Diverse colors realization with Inorganic polymer binder & Inorganic color pigment
    • Offering various colors based on 6 Main Colors(Gray, Blue, Green, Violet, Red, Gold)
    • Sparkle or Matt Type available / Colorfulness control
    • Non-visible of internal solar cell with high efficiency(Max 97% compared to bare)
    • Higher productivity than Dry Coating process
  • Applications
    • BIPV Solar Cover Glass
    • Automotive, Appliances Color Glass
Copper nanoparticles
  • Features
    • Viscosity controllable with solvents and mixture
    • Particle Size Uniformity (Average 50nm)
    • Excellent ink stability with a narrow particle distribution
    • Excellent conductivity (~10 μΩcm)
  • Applications
    • Substitute for Ag nanoparticles
    • PCB Substrate repairing ink
    • Digitizer FPCB, Touch panel bezel electrode RFID Tag, NFC electrode