Human Resources


Talents with positive thoughts, passionate actions, a caring heart, and dreams.

We want to become a company that dreams with positive thoughts, achieves dreams with passionate actions, and shares dreams with a heart of consideration.
These values ​​of positivity, passion, and consideration will serve as a foundation for DNF to achieve its vision as a specialized electronic material company.

Positive person, Passionate person, Person with care, Person with a dream table
Positive person
  • A person who can control his/her emotions
  • A person who does not dwell on past mistakes
  • A person who does not sit down even when faced with difficulties
  • A person who makes decisions and is not afraid to take on challenges
Passionate person
  • A person who does not settle for the present but constantly challenges himself towards a higher goal
  • A creative person who creates better ways through open thinking and problem awareness
  • A person with the drive to achieve the set goals based on collaboration with colleagues
Person with care
  • A person who puts others first in the workplace
  • A person who has a heart to split even one apple and share it
Person with a dream
  • A person who dreams of being able to sing better than someone who can sing well.
  • A person who has a dream that he can study better than someone who is good at studying now.
  • A person who has the confidence to work hard and make the current company more prosperous.

HR System

DNF improves work efficiency and performance through a fair and reasonable personnel system, and makes it a company that people want to work with.

Our personnel appraisal system evaluates achievements and abilities/attitudes. Promotion is decided according to the results of the personnel appraisal, and performance-based pay is distributed differentially.

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