We strive to ensure a stable life for our employees.

Our long-term goal is to create a company that grows together with our employees. To this end, we are operating various welfare systems to ensure a stable life for our employees.

Basic welfare

  • Interest support for
    house purchase and Jeonse funds
  • Emergency household funds support
  • Child school
    expenses support
  • Child entrance
    celebration support
  • Health (Medical checkup)
    management support

Autonomous welfare

  • Operates welfare card system

Other welfare

  • Support for condolence,
    congratulations and leave
  • anniversary gift support
  • childbirth flower basket
    flowerpot support
  • support for in-house
    club activity expenses
  • organization culture
    revitalization event
  • excellent employee
    long-term service reward
  • use of recreational
    facilities (condominium)
  • operation of external
    retirement pension
  • holiday gift payment
  • Founding anniversary
    gift payment
  • Dormitory operation
  • In-house
    cafeteria operation
  • In-house sports
    facility operation