• 2001.01.05 Date founded
  • 57.8 one hundred million Capital
  • 1,351 one hundred million Annual sales(2022)
  • 2007.11.16 KOSDAQ Listed

Global No.1 Leading Company for Electronic Materials

Management Philosophy

A company that has a dream, achieves the dream and shares the dream

Core values
  • Environmental safety
  • Technological innovation
  • Customer trust
  • Transparent management

In order to be reborn as a 'Global No.1 Leading Company for Electronic Materials', DNF is using the four core values, including ‘Environmental safety’, ‘Technology innovation’, ‘Customer trust’ and ‘Transparency management’ as its compass for management. This becomes a condition for consideration of all decisions in the overall management. Further, it is a standard and belief that all executives and employees must adhere to as a priority in carrying out works of each employee.

Core competitiveness
Unrivaled technological competitiveness Develop core materials for semiconductor miniaturization
Strategic investment for R&D Develop technologies for next-generation materials and secure differentiated technologies
Global partners Implement joint development with Global Partners
Total solution provider Research - Commercialization - Production - Total solution for supply
Production capacity Secure the production capacity with continuous facility investment
We are extending the business field to 5G related business focusing on electronic materials such as semiconductors and displays.

DNF is a company specialized for CVD/ALD precursor that forms semiconductor circuits, and has steadily grown up as a pioneer in the semiconductor miniaturization core material industry. We are developing core materials for next-generation semiconductor processes based on our unrivaled technological competitiveness and strategic investment for R&D.

DNF is also laying the foundation for sustainable growth by establishing a cooperative system for the development of new materials with manufacturers of display panel and equipment.

We are diversifying the business into the 5G field by acquiring Chemoptics, an optical communication component company, in 2020. Now, DNF is striving hard to become a proud company competing with world-class companies, a respectful company that presents more convenience for humans, and the 'Global No.1 Leading Company for Electronic Materials'.