Main Activities

DNF conducts safety activities in various fields.

  • Operation of general situation room

    The company operates a general situation room and establishes a 24-hour emergency monitoring system to secure an initial response and golden time in case of an accident.

  • Joint public-private disaster drills

    The company conducts joint disaster drills with public offices to develop rapid response capabilities in the event of a major accident.

  • Fire drill

    The company establishes safety awareness and prepares for emergency situations through emergency measures and fire drill training.

  • Supplier safety management

    For win-win cooperation and accident prevention, the company conducts risk assessments and supports safety work permit training.

  • Safety Improvement Suggestion

    We use ESH-related improvement suggestions to collect diverse opinions from all employees and manage risk factors.

  • Theme safety check

    To prevent accidents, the company selects monthly themes, discovers risk factors, and prepares countermeasures through meetings.