Sharing Activities

  • Happy school

    This is a youth growth support program that supports the learning of students from low-income families.

  • Creating a happy place for sharing hope with 36.5 degrees

    Residential improvement project for families with grandchildren and the elderly living alone in Daejeon

  • Sharing Kimchi of Love

    Handmade kimchi made by executives and employees and winter supplies are delivered to the elderly living alone in the area.

  • Briquette sharing

    For the elderly living alone in the area, employees deliver briquettes in summer and winter.

  • Blood donation of love

    The company conducts regular blood donations on a quarterly basis through the voluntary participation of employees.

  • Scholarship

    Scholarships are provided for the Midam Scholarship Association and the Incheon Scholarship Association.

  • Cultural activities with the elderly

    Participate in cultural activities at the Seonwoo Senior Welfare Center and support donations.

  • Healing Town

    Support the rehabilitation project for the mentally disabled in Daedeok-gu.

  • Volunteer club (Nasamo)

    We participate in various volunteer activities through the operation of an in-house volunteer club, which means ‘a group that loves sharing’.

  • Support for victims of child abuse

    We support children who are victims of child abuse through Good Neighbors.